Flagstaff Fearsome 4 Challenge


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Looking for a running/hiking challenge in the Flagstaff area. Look no further! The Flagstaff Fearsome 4 is for you! 4 Peaks, 34 miles (55 km), 10,307+ feet (3141 m) of elevation gain in a single day (Ultrarunner) or 2 days (Trailrunner & Hiker). Training and acclimation to elevation is highly recommended. All distances, elevation gain, elevation may vary depending on GPS used.



The idea of running several peaks in a single day in the Flagstaff region was born a few years ago when Scott Bajer and I were coming up with some cool ideas for runs for the Flagstaff Ultrarunning Club similar in craziness as the Elden Vertical 2400, the Elden Quad Buster. The idea was forgotten and did not turn into a reality until now! The idea sparked back to life at The King/Queen of The Peaks group run this July 2015 when talking with Sean Meissner. We started brainstorming and the name “The Flagstaff Fearsome 4” was born.



This challenge is for trailrunners, hikers and ultrarunners. It involves cresting 4 Flagstaff popular mountains, Humphreys, Kendrick, Elden and O’Leary in a single day (0:00 am to 11:59 pm) for the Ultrarunner status and 2 days (not necessarily back to back) for the Trailrunner and Hiker status.


See you on the trails!

Ludo Pierson


 Mountain   Max Elevation Elevation Gain  Distance 
 Humphreys Peak

12,633 feet 

(3852 m)

 3,272 feet  9 miles

 Kendrick Peak

(Kendrick Trail or Pumpkin Trail)

 10,422 feet

(3176 m)

 2,639 feet

 9 miles /

 10 miles

 Mount Elden

(Lookout Trail or

Lookout Road to the Lookout Tower)

9,301 feet

(2834 m)

 2,400 feet

 5 miles /

10 miles

 O’Leary Peak

8,916 feet

(2717 m)

 1,996 feet 

 10 miles


Rules (If you are interested in participating, please read)

  1. This challenge is not a race, it can be done anytime of the year, there is NO fee, no shirt, no medal, no aid stations, no chip timing, no medics
  2. You have to start the day at the start of your 1st peak and finish at the bottom of your last peak
  3. You can drive to the mountain of your choice, the order in which you proceed does not matter
  4. You start timing at the Trail Heads (O’Leary and Elden Lookout Road start and finish at the bottom gate, the top is the LOOKOUT TOWERS), record your time at the top, and finally stop timing once back at the same Trail Head (Send me your ELAPSED TIMES, not MOVING TIMES). Keep track of your time for each mountain. Driving time is not included in your overall time, drive safe, respect speed limits
  5. A GPS watch is highly recommended but not mandatory.
  6. The use of hiking poles is authorized, same for pacers and crews
  7. A single day is defined as being from 0:00 am to 11:59 pm on the same calendar day. Hiker and Trailrunner Status can be achieved using 2 different days, not necessarily back to back.
  8. This is a runner and hiker challenge only, the use of bicycles is NOT allowed.
  9. Observe the Leave No Trace 7 principles. A lot of these trails are on Wilderness, observe all rules stated by the Forest Service
  10. Report your times for each peaks (Send me your ELAPSED TIMES, not MOVING TIMES). and dates, your city, pictures and gpx files/Strava activities (required for COURSE RECORD) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This is done on the HONOR SYSTEM, no cheating please. I will post your time as soon as I can.



Status Total Cumulative Time Span
  FF4 Ultra  < 15 hours  1 day
FF4 TrailRunner  > 8 and < 15 hours  over 2 days
FF4 Hiker  > 15 and < 24 hours
 over 2 days



2015 Results

 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Ludo Pierson

Flagstaff, AZ

 10 hrs 57 min  FF4 Ultra



David Moore

Flagstaff, AZ

Aaron Moore

Durango, CO

 12 hrs 27 min  FF4 Ultra  Team

Kristina Siladi

Flagstaff, AZ

Cari Kimball

Flagstaff, AZ

 10 hrs 14 min  FF4 Ultra  Team



Tyler Gault

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 39 min FF4 Ultra

 Solo with dog


Sean Meissner

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 19 min FF4 Ultra




2016 Results

 Date  Name                  Cumulative Running Time                                 Status Notes

Tyler Gault

Flagstaff, AZ            

 7 hrs 50 min                   FF4 Ultra




Brian Moody

Flagstaff, AZ  

 7 hrs 16 min  FF4 Ultra





Michael Versteeg

Prescott, AZ 

6 hrs 31 min FF4 Ultra




Jamil Coury

Phoenix, AZ 

7 hrs 26min FF4 Ultra Solo

Tasha Harder

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 55 min FF4 TrailRunner Solo

Shari White

Alyson Jay

Flagstaff, AZ

10 hrs 05 min FF4 Ultra Team

Steven Kujawski

Flagstaff, AZ 

11 hrs 24 min FF4 Ultra Solo

Joey Bender

Denver, CO

5 hrs 50 min 22 sec FF4 Ultra Solo



Jeff Spencer

Bentonville, AR

12 hrs 47 min 45 sec FF4 Ultra Solo 

Brett DuBois

Chris Wolf

Phoenix, AZ 

11 hrs 10 min 52 sec FF4 Ultra Team

Tom Feore

Glendale, AZ 

10 hrs 12 min 42 sec FF4 Ultra Solo 



Kathy Gott

George Gott

Phoenix, AZ 

17 hrs 39 min 55 sec FF4 Hiker Team

Jane Murawski


9 hrs 33 min 39 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Steven Kujawski

Flagstaff, AZ

11 hrs 49 min 53 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

David Metzler

Phoenix, AZ

Brad Bosch

Flagstaff, AZ

8 hrs 06 min 53 sec FF4 Ultra Team

Brandon Kelone

Flagstaff, AZ

8 hrs 45 min 05 sec FF4 Ultra Solo


2017 Results

 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Kelly Lasley

Flagstaff, AZ

 16 hrs 30 min  FF4 Ultra



Kyle DeHart

Flagstaff, AZ

11 hrs 15 min FF4 TrailRunner Solo

Pete Kirkham

Idyllwild, CA

10 hrs 40 min FF4 TrailRunner Solo

 Thomas Torres

Flagstaff, AZ

Matt Maroszan

Gilbert, AZ

Rene Armenta

Mesa, AZ

10 hrs 41 min


11 hrs 16 min 


11 hrs 30 min


FF4 Ultra Team 


















Because of the Kendrick boudary fire, the trails were closed from 6/5/2017 to 9/13/2017


2018 Results

5/23-7/11 2018 Humphreys and Elden closed due to fire danger. 

 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Scott Bajer

Flagstaff, AZ

 8 hrs 40 min 09 sec  FF4 Ultra



Rob Applegate

Maricopa, AZ

9 hrs 49 min 20 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Thomas Torres

Kameron Wallis

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 12 min 00 sec FF4 Ultra Team

Stanford Lake

Prescott Valley, AZ

12 hrs 17 min 48 sec FF4 TrailRunner Solo

James Madson

Flagstaff, AZ

10 hrs 19 min 13 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Matt Mooch

Flagstaff, AZ

7 hrs 48 min 51 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Rob Thames

Flagstaff, AZ

10 hrs 00 min 3 sec FF4 TrailRunner Solo


























2019 Results (Museum Fire)

 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Perry Edigner

Phoenix, AZ

Rob Ulm

Charleston, IL

11 hrs 46 min


11 hrs 47 min 38 sec


 FF4 Ultra




Vasile Samartinean

Phoenix, AZ

8 hrs 00 min 2 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Holly Hovious

Jeff Hemperley

Prescott, AZ

10 hrs 56 min 7 sec  FF4 Ultra   Team

Ramon Dorame

Mesa, AZ

10 hrs 12 min 31 sec  FF4 Ultra  Team 

Lucas Burnett

Chandler, AZ

10 hrs 8 min 54 FF4 Ultra Team 

Joseph Lafferty

Phoenix, AZ

13 hrs 22 min 18 sec FF4 Ultra Team

Eric Rolen

Phoenix, AZ

13 hrs 24 min 52 sec FF4 Ultra Team

Kat Berry

Tucson, AZ

16 hrs 26 min 23 sec FF4 Hiker Solo

Charlie Trouba

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 23 min 5 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Elden Lookout Rd and Trail were closed due to the Museum Fire  

2020 Results (COVID19)


 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Breanna Cornell

Flagstaff, AZ


10 hrs 47 min 04 sec


 FF4 Ultra

Friends & dog 


Mike Loree

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 26 min 56 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Andrew Smith

Phoenix, AZ

8 hrs 00 min 49 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Drew Frehs

Flagstaff, AZ

6 hrs 16 min 03 sec FF4 Ultra Friends & dog

Elizabeth Wong

Chandler, AZ

12 hrs 04 min 07 sec FF4 TrailRunner Solo

Will Drexler

Flagstaff, AZ

8 hrs 26 min 21 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Nick Smotek

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 01 min 12 sec  FF4 Ultra Solo

Maddie Margevicius

Flagstaff, AZ

11 hrs 10 min 58 sec FF4 Ultra Solo

Nathan Rupe

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 06 min 35 sec FF4 Ultra Solo


2021 Results


 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Austin Horn   

Flagstaff, AZ

5 hrs 37 min 50 sec  FF4 Ultra


(***Fastest Known Time*** )



2022 Results

 Date  Name  Cumulative Running Time  Status Notes

Kyle Zelt   

Flagstaff, AZ

9 hrs 33 min 30 sec  FF4 Ultra




Michael Tita

Flagstaff, AZ

13 hrs 22 min 21 sec FF4 Ultra Team



Course Maps & Profiles


Elden Map

 Elden Profile


Kendrick Map

Kendrick Profile



Humphreys Map


Humphreys Profile



OLeary Map

OLeary Profile




Mount Elden

Lookout Trail

89A toward the Flagstaff Mall, Turn left onto Elden Lookout Trail parking lot, after passing LazyBoy


Lookout Road

180 toward the Grand Canyon, turn left on Schultz Pass Road at the light. Stay right onto Elden Lookout rd, drive until road turns into forest road, park at the gate


Humphreys Peak

180 toward the Grand Canyon, turn left and drive up Snowbowl rd, park on the Heart Prairie Lodge Parking lot on the left. The Trail Head is right there!


Kendrick Peak

Drive 180 toward the Grand Canyon, make left on 245 (forest road) at Mile Marker 230, continue on 245 for 3 miles until intersection with 171, turn right on 171 for 4 miles, turn right at Kendrick TH sign.


O’Leary Peak

89A north past the Mall, heading towards Sunset Crater National Monument, turn right to get into the National Monument, a couple of miles down turn left at O’Leary Campground, Park before the gate,


Recommended Equipment


  • Hydration pack
  • Rain gear (paints & jacket)
  • Watch, GPS is preferred
  • Hat/Beanie
  • Sunglasses
  • Food and water
  • Hiking poles
  • Running/Hiking shoes
  • Spare pairs of shorts, socks, shirts
  • Headlamp
  • Vehicle filled with gas, plenty of miles driving between Trail Heads
  • First Aid Kit
  • A cell phone

Have fun!

Ludo Pierson

Any questions, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


View from the rooftop of Arizona, Humphreys Peak

View from Kendrick Peak

View of the San Francisco Peaks from Elden Lookout Tower

View of Sunset Crater from O'Leary Peak